Avi Oster

Avi Oster is the Managing Director of Judicious Advisors LLC, Expert Witnesses and Consultants in Structured Finance and Securitization.  He is an experienced consulting and testifying witness, with experience in producing Expert Witness Reports and Rebuttal Reports, and Testifying under deposition.

Avi has over 30 years of comprehensive and diversified experience in Credit, Origination, Structuring, and Rating.  His experience in Structured Finance and Securitization dates back to the initial years of the market where he was one of the first members of Standard & Poor’s Securitization Group and extends through a long career in Securitization at commercial banks, investment banks, and a monoline bond insurer.  Most recently Avi served as a Director of Banking, Corporate Finance and Securitization at a renewable energy firm and as a Managing Director at a consulting firm.

At Standard & Poor’s, Avi served as Director/Head of its Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) Group and, additionally, developed rating criteria (and rated transactions) for ABCP Conduits and new assets including transactions supported by trade receivables, high-yield bonds, franchise fees, vacation timeshare loans, and insurance premium loans.

In banking, Avi has particular strengths in the financing of both esoteric / future flow and generic assets and in structuring bank financing for smaller and medium-sized issuers.  He has led transactions in a wide range of asset classes including trade receivables, student loans, franchisee loans, films, vacation timeshare loans, equipment leases, credit cards, sub-prime auto loans, and certified capital companies.

Avi brings the depth of this extensive experience and expertise to his work at Judicious Advisors.