Avi Oster

Publications include:

  • “The State of Timeshare Securitization and Finance – An Attractive and Underappreciated Asset Class” Total Securitization, the weekly issue from Securitization Intelligence, June 25, 2012
  • “Rapid Growth of Asset-Backed CP Will Accelerate” – Criteria Overview and Summary of ABCP Market (S&P CreditWeek, January 18, 1993)
  • “Trade-Receivable Financings Gear Up” –  Criteria and Summary of Trade Receivables Securitization (S&P CreditWeek,    February 1992)
  •  “Vacation Timeshares Securitized” – 1st Ratings Agency Criteria for the Securitization of Vacation Timeshare Loans (S&P CreditWeek, June 11, 1990)
  • “Franchise-Fee Backed Notes Launched” – Criteria and Summary of 1st Securitization backed by Franchise Royalty Fees (S&P CreditWeek, May 1989)
  • “Receivables-Backed Commercial Paper” – Criteria and Summary of ABCP Market (S&P CreditWeek, March 16, 1987)